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​Our ​Facilities

  • With only two practices per week, student athletes often can play other sports or pursue other interests.

  • We want every team we field to be competitive.

  • All our teams typically rank in the top quartile of Ohio Valley Regional (OVR) in their respective divisions.

2. Encourage multi-sport athletes to play volleyball:

3. Make UBV an enjoyable and a positive experience:


  • For our customers:
    □ Players
    □ Parents
    □ Family and Friends
    ​□ Our Coaching Staff

  • Competitive teams at every level

  • Open communication with our staff, players, and parents

  • Celebrate our success on and off the court as a club

​Our Mission

UBV teams practice out of three main facilities:

  1. Andrews Osborne Academy 
    ■ Our main practice facility has four courts, hitting and setting training, an AirCat, and Strength & Conditioning equipment. We are lucky to have such great practice facilities that are heated/cooled, with well-lit and security monitored parking!
  2. Laurel School
    ■ Our secondary practice has two courts. 
  3. Willo-Hill Christian School
    ​■ Back-up practice facility with one court.

UBV operates in the Northeast Ohio area, specifically Lake County and its extended communities. UBV typically draws athletes from within 30 miles of Willoughby, Ohio, including players from Geauga, Ashtabula, and Cuyahoga County. Athletes may however, come from any community within driving distance of our two main practice locations at Andrews Osborne Academy and Laurel School.

1. Prepare grade school players for success at their High School volleyball tryouts:

  • JO players get 5x more exposure to volleyball in practice and tournament play than most grade school seasons.

  • 17 of our 18 eighth grade players that tried out for their High School from our 2015 season, made their High School Freshman, JV, or Varsity teams.

​Geographic Area 
of Operation

Our club’s sole purpose is to offer young girls between the ages of 10 and 17 years old the opportunity to increase their knowledge, understanding, and skill level regarding the sport of volleyball. Our goal is to produce a team that will be respected by other clubs not only for its playing ability, but also for its performance off the court. We will encourage competitive play as well as good sportsmanship.

Utopia Beach Volleyball was founded November 2011 by Hugh Daly & Bob Fitzgerald. The club’s leadership has a passion for the sport of volleyball. Our vision was to form a club that encouraged and accommodated the needs of the multi-sport athlete.

Starting with 1 team in 2011 to 15 teams in 2019, our philosophy has been simple: